Educational Outreach

As members of the CSSA, we are grateful to have received the exposure to science and education that got us all hooked on brains. In order to give something back, we started an educational outreach program in which we teach basic neuroscience at local schools - particularly those with less access to hands-on science programs.Through the use of exciting presentations, hands-on demonstrations, and open discussions, we aim to impart our knowledge and passion to the students. Topics we cover include basic neuroanatomy, the connection between language and thought, how brains can be connected to computers, the nature of the mind, and how we can use scientific principles to improve our learning, health, and memory. The centerpiece of every lesson is a preserved human brain that students can touch and hold!

CSSA Volunteering

Beyond visiting local schools, the CSSA travels around the Bay Area to give back to the community more broadly. CSSA has spent time working on the annual Berkeley Project, participating in local walks for health awareness, and presenting at science festivals. One of our favorites is the Bay Area Science Festival which takes place every fall, where we bring preserved brains to AT&T Park and give hands-on demos and mini lessons on neuroscience and cognition!

How Do I Get Involved?

We’d love to have you! There’s a lot of invaluable experience that can be gained by teaching students, making presentations and giving back to the community. For more information on how to get involved, come to our general meetings or email our outreach coordinator at

Information for Educators

If you are interested in having the Cognitive Science Student Association make a presentation at your academic institution, we would love to! Please send an email to our outreach coordinator at