Cog Sci Faculty Map

This map (click button to right) allows you to navigate cog sci faculty by area of interest. These faculty are not all officially affiliated with cognitive science (list of those here), but instead the map is much more comprehensive in an attempt to cover all of the faculty doing research/teaching classes that cognitive science majors might find of interest. Many of these faculty head research labs (though not all), so hopefully this map is a useful tool for those of you looking for research labs, but unsure how to find relevant ones. Though this map attempts to be comprehensive, omissions/errors have probably been made, so feel free to email with additions and/or edits.

Navigating the Map

  • Blue ovals can be expanded by clicking on them.
  • You can move the window by clicking and dragging.
  • Scroll to zoom in and out.
  • Faculty names link to their academic faculty profiles.
  • Shaded squares indicate faculty officially associated with the cognitive science program.


This map is a slight variation on robschmuecker's drag and drop, collapsible tree built using d3.js. The idea for the map was inspired by Natalie Bilenko's much prettier visualization of neuroscience faculty at Berkeley. Finally, a lot of the decompositions of topics within the map are based on decompositions within departments or institutes at Berkeley.