Allira Bellawala

Major(s): Cognitive Science and Media Studies, Data Science Minor
Year: Senior
Bio Hi! I'm a Cognitive Science and Media Studies double major with a minor in Data Science. My favorite topics of cognitive science are the self, behavioral psychology, and the impact of media on our psyche! Outside of CSSA, I love writing, listening to audiobooks, and (recently) rock climbing.
Fun Fact: I've been to all 50 states!


Tiffany Tian

Major(s): MCB (Biochem track), BioEngineering Minor
Year: Senior
Bio: Hi! My name is Tiffany, and I'm a fourth-year majoring in MCB Biochemistry and minoring in Bioengineering. I love learning about the brain, and I'm currently doing research in the Chang Lab examining how copper alters sleep patterns in mice. In my free time, I like to watch sitcoms, read, and crochet!
Fun Fact: I love planning conference and the CSSA community!


Heli Balsara

Major(s): Cognitive Science, Data Science Minor
Year: Junior
Bio: My favorite discipline of cognitive science is neuroscience so my favorite classes so far have been Brain, Mind, and Behavior (Psych c61) and Human Neuropsychology (Psych 117)! In my free time, you will catch me jamming out to music :)
Fun Fact: I met two Kpop idols at Trader Joe's!

Conference Director

Hannah Hansraj

Major(s): Cognitive Science, Data Science Minor
Year: Junior
Bio: Hi! My name is Hannah and I'm a junior studying CogSci and Data Science. I love CogSci because it gives me the ability to study the human mind from so many different fields (some of my favorites being Psych and SCC) and CSSA has been a great way to connect with others who are also passionate about the major. Outside of academics, I also love reading, bullet journaling, and baking!
Fun Fact: I'm a cargo pant enthusiast (I think I own 7 pairs)!

Outreach Director

Kriti Achyutuni

Major(s): Cognitive Science, Data Science Minor
Year: Junior
Bio: Hi! I am a junior majoring in cognitive science and minoring in data science. I hope to pursue a PhD in cognitive neuroscience and make a difference in the specific area of neurological and psychiatric disorders. My favorite cogsci classes are COGSCI 127 (cognitive neuroscience) and PSYCH 117 (human neuropsychology). In my freetime, I like to practice and perform an Indian classical dance form called Bharatanatyam and hit the gym.
Fun Fact: I'm afraid of all animals (including dogs)!


Alicia Kim

Major(s): MCB and Cognitive Science
Year: Junior
Bio: I love neuroscience and hope to become a scientist that unpacks secrets of brain. I am an international student from South Korea. I like singing and playing guitar in my free time!
Fun Fact: I am good at mimicking pikachu sound.

Marketing Director

Peridot Park

Major(s): Computer Science and MCB (Neurobiology)
Year: Junior
Bio: Hi, I'm Peridot! I've been a part of CSSA since my freshman year, and I am excited to continue this year as a junior! My favorite subjects of CogSci are Neuroscience and Computer Science. In my free time, I like to read, try new restaurants, hang out with my cat, and watch movies!
Fun Fact: My name is the birthstone for August but I was born early in June.

Design Director

Nelly Nguyen

Major(s): Cognitive Science
Year: Senior
Bio: My favorite classes so far have been Cognitive Science 1 and Sociology 150, and I am interested in going into the field of UX Design. In my free time, I like to bake, play video games, and go out with friends!
Fun Fact: I like collecting stickers and plushies.

Internal Events Director

Sid Ramkrishnan

Major(s): Cognitive Science and Psychology, Data Science Minor
Year: Junior
Bio: Hi y'all! My name is Sid and I'm a third year majoring in cognitive science and psychology, and minoring in data science at Berkeley! I love the psychology and neuroscience perspectives, and with that my favorite classes have been Cogsci 131 (Computational Models of Cognition) and MCB C61 (Brain, Mind, and Behavior). In my free time, I'm a big film buff, I like working out, and I love to both play and make music both within the Cal Band and in my own time.
Fun Fact: In both elementary and middle school, I had a retainer, braces, and headgear simultaneously.

Tech Director

Jack Oberdorfer

Major(s): Cognitive Science, Data Science Minor
Year: Junior
Bio: I enjoy the cognitive psychology aspect of cognitive science and hope to do a related graduate program in the future. In my free time, I like to play the ukulele and watch the NBA.
Fun Fact: I’m left handed!

External Events Director

Kavya Marrapu

Major(s): Cognitive Science and Data Science
Year: Senior
Bio: Hi! My name is Kavya and I am currently a senior double majoring in Cognitive Science and Data Science. I love cog sci because I love learning why people think the way they do through neuroscience and psychology and applying it through computer science. When I am not participating in CSSA events or talking about the brain, I like to bake, run, sing, and binge Netflix shows. I am also a Cognitive Science peer advisor, so feel free to reach out to ask any questions about the major or classes or just to chat about new Netflix shows(always looking for recs)! Looking forward to meeting everyone this year!
Fun Fact: I fell off a six foot wall at the age of five.

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