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2017 - 2018 Officer Team

Nora Harhen


Hi all! I’m Nora, a fourth year Cog Sci major. During my first semester at Cal, I saw some weird people holding brains on Sproul and that’s when I knew I had found my people and needed to join CSSA. I’m super excited to be working with my awesome fellow officers to build the Cog Sci community here at Berkeley and equally as excited to get to know some more brain enthusiasts at our meetings this year. Outside of CSSA, I’m a research assistant in Anne Collins’s Computational Cognitive Neuroscience Lab where I do research on learning and decision-making using EEG and computational modeling. If I’m not in CSSA or lab, I’m probably browsing random Wikipedia articles, trying out new recipes, knitting ugly scarves, and dancing badly to good music. Feel free to come talk to me about anything from striatal cholinergic interneurons to reality tv dating shows.

Lucy Whitmore

External Vice President

Hi! I'm Lucy Whitmore, and I'm a third year Cog Sci major. Outside of doing my vice president duties, I love cooking vegetarian food, reading science biographies, cross-stitching feminist quotes, and rock climbing. I'm looking forward to another fantastic year of talking about brains and going to Tandoori Nite after meetings! Come talk to me if you have any questions about classes, cog sci, cooking, or pop culture trivia about tv shows that are no longer culturally relevant.

Connor Brown

Internal Vice President

Heyo! I'm Connor, a third year CogSci major minoring in Computer Science. I study time perception via TMS and fMRI in the Ivry Lab, though that realistically means I spend most of my time wrestling with a finicky TMS setup. You can find me around campus cooking, practicing various martial arts, rock climbing, knitting, juggling, making (mediocre) music, working at Lawrence Hall of Science, and hiding in bio labs pretending to be an MCB major. Come talk to me about being overly interested in things, about the things you're overly interested in, or if you just feel like you need to revitalize your CogSci mojo by petting a brain.

Zach Ryan

Outreach Coordinator

Hi there, my name’s Zach and I am a fourth year CogSci major minoring in Education particularly interested in the science of learning and memory. My job as Outreach Coordinator is to organize local outreach events as well as lead our elementary school neuroscience lessons, if you have any questions about what outreach does or any suggestions on how to improve our outreach program, feel free to contact me! I’m into martial arts, working with and teaching kids of all ages, cooking on a college student’s budget, various sci-fi and comic books, and the CogSci research going on around campus. Come and chat with me about cognitive science, education, my interests, your interests, or anything your heart desires. Also if you ever want to touch a brain, hit me up (I know a guy). You can reach me at my email:

Priyam Das

University Relations

Hello! I'm a fourth year Cognitive Science major with a minor in Computer Science excited to be serving in the role of University Relations for CSSA. I look forward to helping CSSA take a more active role in the academic lives of CogSci students, from enrollment advising and office hours to helping them create the major program they want! In general, I'm fascinated by the brain and all that it's capable of, especially when it comes to learning and memory. I absolutely love being a Cognitive Science major and I love sharing what I've learned even more; so don't hesitate to come to me with any questions you may have, from how to make the most of course waitlists to getting involved in research and everything in between! When I'm not buried in coursework and research I enjoy studying foreign languages and consuming stories.

Athlein Lapid


Hello! I'm Athlein Lapid, a third-year. My major is Cognitive Science with an emphasis in Psychology. I'm aiming to become a psychologists, but I don't know what kind yet. I'll be CSSA's treasurer this year. I'm nervous because it's a big responsibility handling money, but I'm also really excited and am looking forward to a fun and wonderful year with CSSA. Outside of club and classes, I like to read, watch movies and anime, trying new food, or just chilling with my peeps. CSSA was the first club I joined and I'm so happy I found them! This organization means a lot for me and I hope you can discover something that will stick with you here too!

Gowri Swamy

Technological Virtuoso

Hi everyone! My name is Gowri and I’m a third year Cognitive Science major. As a freshman the first time I heard of CSSA was through this website so I’m super excited to be in charge of it this year! Outside of taking Cog Sci classes, I love helping out with Cog Sci related research, baking, and just walking around UC Berkeley’s beautiful campus. I’m really looking forward to meeting many of you this year along with the rest of the wonderful CSSA team. Please feel free to come and talk to me or reach out to me about anything regarding this website, CSSA, or Cog Sci in general. My email is

Samira Maboudian


Hi there! I’m Samira, a second-year CogSci major (possible MCB Neuro double) and co-secretary for CSSA. I've been in CSSA since my first semester at Cal when I was still trying to figure out what CogSci was, and I'm super excited to be a part of it this year as well. I’m interested in studying the brain from a more biological perspective, but I also love how interdisciplinary Cognitive Science is. Feel free to come talk to me about CSSA, the major, Neuroscience research on campus, or your favorite dog breeds! Besides the brain, my other interests include ceramics, teaching, languages, anything by Toni Morrison, and musicals.

Lauren Dahl


Hello! I’m Lauren, a second year Cognitive Science and Anthropology double major. I’m interested in many aspects of human behavior and I’m looking forward to being CSSA’s Co-Secretary this year with Samira! CSSA has been a fantastic way for me to get more involved with the Cognitive Science major, and I can’t wait for another great year! When I’m not learning about brains and people, I love hiking, skiing, drawing, baking, and eating lots of chocolate. If I’m not doing any of these activities, I’m probably eating soup or hanging out with friends. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to chat about Cog Sci, the great outdoors, or the wonderful city of Berkeley!

Jessie Lindsey


Hi! My name is Jessie and I am a sophomore studying Cognitive Science. I joined CSSA at the start of my freshman year, and this year I look forward to joining the officer team as your historian — capturing our wonderful events through photography. Within Cognitive Science I have enjoyed exploring topics of positive psychology and philosophy of mind. I also enjoy making art, and exploring nature with friends, and music or playing guitar. If you have any common interest or are into bands including The Front Bottoms, Chastity Belt, FIDLAR, Sorority Noise or any other indie rock or punk rock bands, feel free to reach out!

Zoe Hur

Alumni Coordinator

Hey there! I’m Zoe, a third year CogSci major and Ethnic Studies minor. As alumni coordinator, I’m excited to work on building our cognitive science community. I’m so grateful that I found CSSA at the end of my freshman year; it truly is a group of wonderful individuals. Come chat with me about research, healthcare, art, environmentalism, or identity crises; I think too much! When I’m not up in my head I love painting, hiking, petting dogs (and cats), gardening, having dance parties, and being by the ocean. If you ever have any questions or want to chat, contact me!

James Wang

Marketing Director

Hey y'all! I'm James, reprising my role as Marketing Director for the coming year. I'm a fourth-year double majoring in Linguistics and Cognitive Science and minoring in English, and this is my third year as part of the CSSA. I'm interested in language in all its forms, from poetry to semantics to any and every bad pun, and I do research in the English department on narrative theory. I also work in marketing for the College of Engineering, and am part of the Berkeley Quiz Bowl club. Outside of the stuff I do on campus, I collect vinyl, practice calligraphy, play the violin, (try to) write, geocache, cook, play Smash, and ride public transportation. If you're ever down to hang or have any questions about anything, feel free to hit me up at a meeting or send me an email at!