Upcoming Events

  • Conference Planning

    • When: Thursday April 26th, 7pm

    • Where: 230C Stephens

Weekly Meetings

General Meetings

The CSSA holds weekly meetings (sometimes replaced by special events) each with its own specific topic. The topics range from fun social events (such as movie or trivia nights) to guest speakers to a range of informational and planning meetings. Meetings from the 2014-2015 school year included tasting food with sour taste receptors blocked by Miracle Berries, debunking cognitive science themed movies, planning various events, a discussion on Brain Machine Interfaces led by a graduate student from Professor Carmena's lab, a presentation by the Cognitive Technology group, a talk on theoretical neuroscience given by a graduate student in the Redwood Center, and more! Check the upcoming events above to see what the topic for the next meeting is.

Academic/Major Informational Events

Why Cog Sci?

Maybe you are a student wondering if cognitive science is the right major for you. Perhaps you are a cog sci major who wants some advice with a specific interest, or it could be that you just like free snacks. In any case, “Why Cog Sci?” features presentations on the various disciplines of cognitive science, interactive demonstrations, and an overview of the major requirements. If you are considering the cognitive science major and want to learn more then this is the event for you!

Course Enrollment Night

Course decisions can be tough; deciding what classes to take, when to take then, who to take them with can be a long and stressful process. If you have any questions on courses, or want to hear from other students who have taken those same classes, come to Course Enrollment Night (formerly known as Telebears Night)! We cover all 6 disciplines and what classes are offered for each of them, and give tips on how to plan your schedule for the next semester.

Career/Graduate School Events

Life After Cog Sci

What can you do with a major in cognitive science beyond academia? What is it like to do research in industry? Which classes turned out to be the most valuable for alumni in the working world? We’ve rounded up some of Berkeley’s best and brightest cognitive science alumni to answer these questions and more for you. They’re here to give you advice on where cognitive science can take you post graduation and how best to prepare yourself to enter the job market.

GREsearch Night

Do you want to know what graduate school is like? What you should do to increase your chances of getting in? The CSSA's GREsearch night will provide information on everything graduate school. We'll have a representative from Kaplan give a presentation about the application process. We'll also have a panel of graduate students share their firsthand experiences. Don't forget the free snacks!

Industry Night

Industry Night is for people wondering about how to get a job right after college, and what it feels to work in industry with a Cognitive Science degree. We bring in some awesome cognitive scientists from lots of different companies so you get a flavor of the wide variety of work CogSci lets you do. Come ask questions to the speakers and learn about their personal experiences of translating their CogSci skills into the workplace.

Social/Fun Events

Professors Eat Too (PET)

At PETs, the CSSA takes a member of the cognitive science faculty out for dinner at a Berkeley restaurant with a small group of students. This is your chance to learn about your professor’s interests, research, and eating habits. To reserve your spot for the next PET, look out for an email from the CSSA. RSVP quickly because this is one our most popular events and space is limited!

Brain Dissection

Perhaps you've already visited the CSSA table and touched a real human brain. If you want the next step up, come to the CSSA's live brain dissection. We'll have a Berkeley neuroanatomy professor come slice brains up in front of your very eyes while giving an interactive lecture. This is a great way to gain an up-close visual basis for that organ you spend so much time learning about!

Other Events

    Destress/Coloring Nights
    Board Game Nights
    Murder Mystery Games
    Study Jams
    Exploratorium Socials