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General vs Internal Meetings

General Meetings

CSSA's general meetings feature a variety of events (check out the events tab) and are open to everyone, so you can simply show up to any of the meetings that interest you! Information on meetings is primarily updated through our mailing list, as well as through the "general meetings" channel in the CSSA slack.

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Internal Meetings

Internal meetings are open to those who are looking to be more involved in CSSA. Come to these meetings to be a part of a committee that helps out with the annual CogSci conference! Information is communicated through the mailing list as well as the "internal meetings" channel in the CSSA slack. If interested, please apply using the application below. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis!

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CSSA Alumni

CSSA Alumni

Where are they now? CSSA has put together a map of Cal CogSci alumi locations stretching from the Bay Area to around the world. CSSA alumni will be highlighted in purple. This project aims to connect and maintain contact with alumni of the cogsci program here at UC Berkeley and hope to create a network that can benefit both students and alumni. If you’re an alumni and would like to get involved, subscribe to the emailing list and/or join the map!

Alumni Map

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